Manulife Launches Micro-films to Promote Early Retirement Planning in Hong Kong

Hong Kong — Manulife has launched micro-films entitled “80.80 Seeing the World” on its retirement campaign website. By featuring conversations about life goals and plans between the post-80s generation and people heading towards their eighties, the company aims for the micro-films to help young people understand the importance of early retirement planning.

Last year, Manulife rolled out the “RetireSimple” advertising campaign, which aimed to draw public attention to the cost-realities of retirement. The campaign’s interactive website – – has clocked more than 150,000 visits so far. Building on the campaign’s momentum, the new micro-films are targeted specifically to young people.

“Our customer research shows that some people start to plan for their retirement a few years after they join the workforce. We hope that the ‘80.80 Seeing the World’ micro-film series can strike an emotional chord with these young people, triggering more of them to think about and take actions for future planning,” said Isabella Lau, Vice President and Chief Customer Officer for Manulife Hong Kong.

Available on the campaign website and YouTube, two micro-films have been released. The first features local music artist Eman Lam and professional musician, Nancy Loo, who exchange stories about how they have tried to fulfil their ambitions and prepare for the future.

The second features conversations between two vocal talents — a young disc jockey, Jane Li, and a professional voice-over actor, Lam Pou Chuen, who has been the voice of the popular Japanese cartoon character Doraemon for several decades.

In addition to the micro-films, the campaign website also has regularly updated, independently authored articles on disparate retirement-related issues under its “Are you Prepared” section. Tailored to help people understand the varied requirements of adequate retirement planning, the articles cover topics such as getting the right protection, the hidden costs of falling ill later in life, and the most common mistakes people make when planning for their future.

Entitled “80.80 Seeing the World”, the micro-films feature local music artist Eman Lam (top right), professional musician Nancy Loo (top left), a young disc jockey, Jane Li (bottom left), and a professional voice actor, Lam Pou Chuen (bottom right), talking about their life goals and plans. The micro-films aim to advocate the importance of early retirement planning.

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