Manulife Vietnam’s Unit-linked Policies Achieved Outstanding Investment Returns in 2013

Ho Chi Minh City – Manulife Vietnam has reported high investment returns for 2013 for its Regular Premium Unit-Linked (RPUL) product thanks to the outstanding performance of the Aggressive Fund, the Growth Fund and the Balance Fund, which achieved investment returnsi of 28.6 per cent, 23.2 per cent and 19.2 per cent for the calendar year, respectively. Both the Aggressive and Growth Funds achieved higher returns than that of the benchmark, VN Index (22 per cent) over the same period despite these Funds having lower risk profiles than direct investments in the VN Index. This is the second consecutive that year all RPUL funds generated double-digit returns. RPUL is one of Manulife Vietnam’s investment-linked insurance products which combine protection and savings through investments in three unit-linked funds which are professionally managed by Manulife Asset Management (Vietnam) Company Limited (ManulifeAM VN).

At the end of 2013, after over five years of operations, the Funds’ Net Asset Value achieved significant growth with the returnsii of the Aggressive, Growth, and Balance fund respectively at 59 per cent, 68 per cent and 85 per cent, significantly exceeding the performance of the VN Index (35 per cent) over the same period. This outstanding performance is the result of ManulifeAM VN’s dedication and expertise in fund management. ManulifeAM VN focused on stock selection and asset allocation between equities and cash in addition to effective fixed income investments.

“I’m very proud to share this good news as the continued success of ManulifeAM VN’s investment funds in 2013 has helped the RPUL product maximize its insurance benefits and asset values for our clients,” said Mr. Indren S. Naidoo, Regional Chief Executive Officer for Manulife Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia. “I am confident that with the recovery of the market in 2014, this RPUL will continue to be one of the suitable plans in our comprehensive product portfolio that can well meet Vietnamese clients’ diversified financial needs through its comprehensive protection benefits and investment opportunities.”

About Manulife Vietnam
Manulife Vietnam is a member of Manulife Financial and its vision is to be the most professional financial services organization in Vietnam. Established in June 1999, Manulife Vietnam is proud to be the first 100 per cent foreign-owned life insurer in Vietnam. The Company has a network of close to 30 sales offices in 23 major cities, serving over 420,000 policies through more than 13,000 professional agents.

As one of the top players in the market, Manulife Vietnam offers a wide range of innovative life insurance products which are supported by the most effective and value-added services in the market today. Whatever their stage in life, Manulife Vietnam can help its clients feel more financially secure with a life insurance plan that meets their specific needs – whether it’s family protection, education, retirement or investment solutions. An advantage of Manulife Vietnam is Manulife Asset Management (Vietnam) Company Ltd (ManulifeAM VN), which is one of the first fund management companies established in Vietnam and professionally operates funds, portfolio management and investments, further expanding Manulife Vietnam’s product offerings for its customers.

Besides its professional agency force, Manulife Vietnam is the market leader in bancassurance through the partnership with leading foreign and local banks. It is also the only life insurer in the market that has developed a micro-insurance program for poor women in the rural areas in partnership with Vietnam Women’s Union. This meaningful program supports the government in universalizing insurance knowledge, contributing to the social welfare, decreasing poverty and instilling the habit of savings to the Vietnamese people.

About ManulifeAM VN
Manulife Asset Management (Vietnam) Company Limited (ManulifeAM VN) is an affiliate of Manulife Asset Management™ – the institutional asset management arm of Manulife Financial. Our clients benefit from the in-depth local market expertise of empowered, inter-connected investment professionals across Asia, North America and Europe, underpinned by world-class investment and risk management processes and the backing of a global leader in financial services, Manulife Financial Corporation.

ManulifeAM VN was licensed by the Ho Chi Minh City Planning and Investment Department under Business Registration Certificate No. 4104000117 on 10 June 2005 and received the Fund Management License No. 04/UBCK-GPHDQLQ from the State Securities Commission (SSC) of Vietnam on 14 June 2005; Decision No. 413/Q?-UBCK dated 12 July 2007; Amendment Licenses No. 06/UBCK-GPHDQLQ dated 11 October 2007; 80/UBCK-GP?C dated 16 November 2010; 23/GP?C – UBCK dated 24 November 2011; 39/GP?C-UBCK dated 29 June 2012; 5/GP?C-UBCK dated 07 Feb 2014.

ManulifeAM VN is an independently managed asset management company, which reports to the SSC.

ManulifeAM VN is fully staffed by licensed investment professionals and provides a full range of products and services commensurate with a top tier investment management company. Assets under Management as of 31 December 2013 amounted to US$390 million equivalent.

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