Free Webinar: How To Succeed in Uncertain Times with Warren Coughlin

MetroActive is sponsoring “How To Succeed in Uncertain Times” scheduled for Tuesday, January 12, 2021 at 7:00 P.M. EST via zoom.

This is a free webinar from one of MetroActive’s core members, Warren Coughlin, a leading business coach and co-facilitated by Baldo Minaudo Managing Director of Venturemind Corporation. Warren is leading his clients to prosper during these times, while other companies are going out of business. Baldo has worked as a management consultant and investment banker helping small, medium and large multi-nationals deal with growth challenges and opportunities.

In the webinar, you’ll be shown how to stop reacting and start acting with control to do only what will drive your growth, impact and profitability. In addition, you’ll be able to claim a free 90 Day Planning Template when you register. This grat tool will help you visualize and guide your team to focus on what matters the most.

Warren has developed his own sophisticated tool to assist you with your business growth. He provides this tool as part of his training which is subsidized by the government.

This free one-hour webinar will give you useful insight into how to prosper during these times and beyond. If you’re stuck, lost, confused, or just don’t have a plan to take advantage of the opportunities arising out of these interesting times, then you will benefit from this session.

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