Birchcliffe-cliffside house rentals

Birchcliffe-cliffside house rentals

(or along the Danforth Subway line – within walking distance): A two bedroom house (or main-upper floor apartment in house) for a top notch tenant – great credit score, long-time employment, mature, clean, respectful, Canadian born and raised, single-female with friendly pet cat. Prefer the Birchcliffe-Cliffside neighbourhood (especially south of Kingston Road). May be willing to sign a two-year lease with intentions of staying for the long-term. Landlord to pay real estate commission of one month’s rent. Please contact Baldo Minaudo, Broker, Real Estate Homeward, 416-698-2090.

Article source: http://metroactive.org/wordpress/wanted-birchliffe-cliffside-house-to-rent/

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