Weird but Effective Mindset Hacks

Mindset is a way of thinking and a set of beliefs, and
beliefs determine our actions. This is the inner game. It is your
inner game that dictates your outer results and what you do. Any struggle
inside is what is creating the struggle on the outside. You change your beliefs
and your self image, when you play a bigger game with your thoughts and take a
different kind of action utilizing mindset hacks.

What result are you looking for? It could be on a personal
level or a business level. What you may not be taking into consideration is
your mindset. Mindset or your inner game is 100% involved with your results.

Upgrading your self image requires that you reprogram how
you see yourself. Upgrading your beliefs (your inner game) requires a conscious
effort to get through to your subconscious mind. A thought repeated many so
times that it creates a belief – creates a neural pathway. So, to change a
belief requires a new neural pathway.

There are many ways to improve your inner game but here are
three mindset hacks I have experienced over the years that work. You may need
to see a practitioner fluent in these practices to get you on track, unless you
are already experienced with them.

Mindset Hack – Affirmations or Mantras

Affirmations are positive phrases you repeat to yourself that describe what you desire. A mantra is a statement or slogan, or positive phrase or affirmative statement repeated frequently. The idea is to reprogram your subconscious mind and overwrite any limiting or negative beliefs you may have about yourself or about not being able to do something. With repetition you can start a new neural pathway. This pathway can be made stronger with the use of alpha brain wave frequency.  Alpha waves are neural oscillations in the frequency range of 7.5–12.5 Hz. It puts you in a relaxed but alert state.

Mindset Hack – Goal Cards

Goal cards are cards you carry with you and you read aloud
at least twice a day. Typically, first thing in the morning and last thing at
night. What you have written on the card is a very detailed, clear, concise,
emotionally compelling description of the goal you are working on. As you read
it, you see and feel (get emotionally involved with it) and believe yourself
already in possession of the goal. I have found this mindset hack to be very

Mindset Hack – Vision Boards

A vision board is
a tool used to help clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on a specific life
goal. Literally, a vision board is
any sort of board on
which you display images that represent whatever you want to be, do or have in your life. It’s a way to manifest your
dream life. When you make a vision board, you get clear on what you want to
create in your life. Once you get clarity, you select images and words from
magazines and paste them on a big poster board. Seeing this board each day
aligns your brain with the outcomes you most want to attract. These are ways to
link your thoughts with positive emotions. 
(Oprah, Ellen DeGeneres and Katy Perry all swear by vision boards).

way to do this is create a mind movie. There are computer programs that provide
you with images and music or you can create them yourself. Once again it is the
daily repetition that makes this work in terms of reprograming your

Have fun with these and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Lead your day.

Charlene Day

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Applying The 7 Day Diet to Transform Your Life

Applying The 7 Day Mental Diet to Transform Your Life

We have all heard of diets and probably have been on at
least one at some point. We have also heard, “You are what you eat.”  We are aware that what we put into our bodies
affects us physically.  But have you
considered what goes into your mind?

Emmet Fox wrote about The Seven Day Mental Diet back in
1935.  You have also heard, “What you
think about comes about.” So why not a 7-day mental diet? Thoughts are the food
for our mind. Our thoughts create our reality.

Everything in our lives is entirely conditioned by our
thoughts and feelings that we have entertained in the past and by the habitual
tone of our past thinking. Thought is a real causative force in our lives. The Law of Cause and Effect
comes into play here. Thoughts are the cause and our environments are the
effect. If we change our thoughts, then our conditions will change too. We are
transformed by the renewing of our minds.

Now the challenge here is that we are so close to our
thoughts that it is difficult to apply the transformation. We must stand back
and look at our thoughts objectively. This is going to take conscious control
on our part and lots of practice. This is where the 7-day mental diet comes in.

This also about creating a new habit. Adopting new habits is
easier with discipline. You can agree to set up a new habit and with
discipline, it is now non-negotiable. Also, an interesting new tidbit is that
the latest studies indicate that it
takes an average of 66 to 90 days to create a new habit and that is only with a
support system in place.

You may be getting the drift that the 7-day mental diet is
going to take longer than 7 days. Here is the drill. For seven days you must
not allow yourself to dwell for a single moment on any kind of negative
thought. This discipline is so strenuous as it will ask you to be totally
conscious of every thought. You can start any day of the week but once you
start you must go through for seven days without any negative thoughts.

Since we live a very negative environment (just listen to
the news), this diet is going to be a challenge. You are going to be facing
negativity every day especially if you listen or watch any media. Your job will
be not to entertain any of it in your mind. You might want to consider a break
from media for a week to make it a little easier. You may be faced with
negativity at work or at home as well. Once again you may hear those ideas but
don’t entertain them in your mind. You may also choose to avoid any negative
people for this 7- day mental diet.

Then there is the ongoing dialogue that is running through
your mind at any given moment. So, a negative thought is any thought of
failure, disappointment, or trouble, sickness or accident, any thought of
criticism, or jealousy, or condemnation of others. This also includes self
condemnation or any self-effacing thoughts. Basically, any thought that is any
kind of limitation or pessimistic thinking is not allowed.

Once you entertain a negative thought for more than 7
seconds, you must start the 7-day mental diet all over again. The first goal is
to get through one whole day without any negative thoughts. This may take
several days or even weeks to finally get through the whole day. It is going to
take conscious effort and discipline in order to do this. But the payoff at the
end of this exercise is that you will experience extraordinary changes for the
better and your future will be very encouraging. 

If you want accountability or have any questions, please reach out.

Lead your day.

Charlene Day

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Don Cherry versus Justin Trudeau

Don Cherry has been fired from Hockey Night in Canada for singling out new immigrants to Canada. Justin Trudeau mocks non-white Canadians several times and is re-elected Prime Minister of Canada. So why the apparent double standard?

Don Cherry talks about his animal rescue foundation
Don Cherry

Well, there a couple of possibilities. The more utopian one being that Trudeau apologized and said what the people wanted to hear. While, Cherry stood by his comments. The moral here is just say what others want to hear and don’t speak the truth.

Sadly, there could be truth in what Cherry said. Though not every new immigrant or new Canada is non-appreciative of those that gave their lives to create our Canada, there is certainly a lack of knowledge. Understandably, ask a new Canadian about Canada’s military history and they may not know it.

How could they? They come from different countries, a different generation, some don’t speak English very well. Of course this segment of the population is least likely to pay honour to veterans. Yet, there are many new immigrants to Canada who do know about our military history, our sacrifice of lives and do appreciate an honour the fallen.

So, why was Cherry fired? After all, Cherry was only trying to bring focus to the veterans on the very important remembrance day. In a rant Saturday night on the popular “Coach’s corner”, segment, Cherry commented “You people … you love our way of life, you love our milk and honey, at least you can pay a couple bucks for a poppy or something like that.”

He was showing his bravery and resolve by speaking up. And for that brave act, he was shot in the back by his very leaders. Could you imagine what would have happened during WWII if our military leaders and soldiers would have just layed down their arms and apologized to Hitler? Instead these men of resolve, many knowing they would not return to their families stood by their believes, by their integrity.

These brave soldiers held their post, they fought on, they created our Canada. They didn’t think about getting re-elected or giving benefits to their special interest groups. They focused on taking care of all Canadians back home, on saving Canada and our way of life! That is the difference between Cherry and Trudeau. So why are Canadians rewarding the actions of Trudeau and penalizing the bravery of Cherry?

Now, for another explanation of a more political nature. The fact is that every year, the Liberal government gives the CBC hundreds of millions of dollars. In 2015, Trudeau’s Liberals give the CBC over $1,000,000, that’s right – a billion dollars. Given that the ethical Don Cherry is not Justin Trudeau’s type of man, could there be a hidden agenda?

Even Jagmeet Singh took the opportunity to jab Cherry. In unnecessary tweets, Singh took the opportunity to draw attention to himself. So much talk about how everyone sacrificed during the war, but what do the numbers of the fallen show? See for yourself which Canadians have fallen in battle and let me know if you come across a Singh. Meanwhile, on this remembrance day those that made the ultimate sacrifice are being ignored.

Give it a break! All Don Cherry was trying to do is bring attention to veterans and help with poppy sales. He didn’t say it was all new immigrants did he? I’m pretty sure most people are intelligent enough to understand the message here.

Enough with the political spinning and grand standing. By attacking, marginalizing and firing Don Cherry, all you loud maths and Sportnets itself are displaying and reinforcing the very thing they accuse Cherry of. Everyone in this debate is contributing to divisive reactions.

Shame on you Sportsnet. So, who is going to hold you accountable for this?

Bring back the man the only man mentioned in this post that has inegrity and fortitude to speak the truth and do the right thing.

For the record, this post is not intended to alienate or belittle the bravery and contribution of new Canadians. It is meant to bring to light an inequity in the way some people are treated in our society. Whenever we label, such as ‘racist’ we are being divisive and causing harm to every Canadian. We should encourage free speach and expression of our thoughts so we can come to a concesses. We should not be penalizing individuals for speaking up. After all, what makes one persons ideas, values, ideals, thoughts, and feelings more valid than those of another Canadian?

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This commentary does not necessarily reflect the viewpoints, opinions, or thoughts of MetroActive members, officers and anyone else in our community. We are allowing the publishing of this post because we believe in the right of free speach and encourage you to comment if you disagree.

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CIBC Visa Scam Alert

There is a new scam spreading throughout Canada. This morning a MetroActive member received a call at 7:15 a.m. with an automated voice saying there is an unauthorized charge on his CIBC Visa. It was in fact a fraud attempt and here is how the call went and what he did to discover the fraud.

CIBC Visa Card Scam
CIBC Visa Card Scam Alert.

The Scam

The automated voice stated they were calling from the CIBC Visa department and that there has been an unauthorized charge on his Visa. Then the voice said to press ‘1’ in order to transfer to a representative.

After a short period on hold an attendant with a South-Asian (Indian accent) answered with “Visa fraud department, how may I help you?”. Our member replied with “You just called me about a fraud on my Visa account”. The voice then continued to talk about an attempted fraud account on his CIBC Visa.

Being suspicious from the beginning, since the call had come in so early in the morning with a long-distance origin ring, he was cautious. He then decided to test the attendant by asking which Visa. The tenant replied ‘Your CIBC Visa’. Our member then asked, what are the 4 last digits of the Visa card. That is when the attendant hung up.

CIBC Hacked or Internal Information Breach?

It is concerning that the caller in this scam would have known that our member had a CIBC Visa Card. Since it is an emergency reserve card, which he doesn’t usually use, it is unlikely that a vendor would have given the scammers the heads up. It is possible that the scammers where just phishing (guessing) that he had a CIBC Visa card. But, why not some other bank Visa or credit card brand? We’re concerned that someone at CIBC or one of its offshore suppliers may have released customer list information to scammers.

Scammers Targeting Canadians

This is yet another scam targeting Canadians in an attempt to steal their identity or money. The fact that the number and magnitude of these scams in increasing is a sign that they are profitable activities for the thieves. Yet, law enforcement agencies in Canada have not been able (or are not trying to) find these criminals and end these attacks on Canadians.

Since there is no accountability, you can expect these scams to get more sophisticated and brazen. With time, more and more Canadians will fall victim to these scammers. The only solution is for the Canadian government to go after the people behind the scams.

Meanwhile, Canadians can avoid being scammed by knowing the signs and having a plan on how to deal with these calls.

3 Keys To Deal With Potential Scam Calls

1. Consider every incoming phone call from an unknown person to be a potential fraud

  • Ask why they’re calling you?
  • Ask who is calling you? Are you sure they are who they say they are?

3. Never give any information about your identity or account

  • Protect your identity and never reveal information about your name, address, account number or anything else unless the bank already has it and is asking to confirm. Even then only confirm if you are a client of that bank.
  • A Canadian financial institution will not ask you for your account number as they will have that information about you already, especially if they’re calling you about a specific issue
  • A Canadian financial institution will not ask you to reveal a password over the phone
  • A Canadian financial institution will never ask you to make payment over the telephone

4. Look for indicators that something is not write

  • Is the call during regular business hours?
  • Is the call from a long-distance origin?
  • Is the call from an automated message with robotic-like voice?
  • Do they have a foreign accent (especially South-Asian)?
  • They are not willing to give you a telephone number you can reach them at
  • The contact number they give you doesn’t match the one that is registered to the company

5. Ask questions that require the scammer to know information that only your bank would know

  • What are the last four digits of my account number?
  • What email address do you have on record for me?
  • What was the last payment I made to my account?
  • How do I usually make payments to my account?

At any point during any of this, if you find something doesn’t make sense, just hang up.

Related Articles: Company Representative Scam Warning

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Legend Of Linva Book Launch and Author Signing This Weekend

On behald of Jupiter L. Makins and the MetroActive community, I invite you to celebrate the launch of Jupiter J. Makins long anticipated and graphically controversial novel, “Legend of Linva: The Lamplighter’s Daughter”. I jokingly refer to it as graphically controversial because of the famous InstaGram posts that were exchanged between Jupiter and myself in regards to the cover of her book.

Returning from her worldwind North American travels, Makins is now back in Toronto and ready to share a short-reading from her book with us. You’ve seen her through her InstaGram adventures, now you can meet her in person.

A mix and mingle book signing and CELEBRATION. Light food, Coffee and Tea Provided. Cash Bar.

Guest of Baldo Minaudo welcome. RSVP through Baldo Minaudo Instagram: Baldo.Minaudo or Twitter: @Baldo1.

Jupiter L. Makins Bio

Jupiter L. Makins is a writer, director, producer and author. As a writer, Makins has worked on “Last Ten” (2017 – a completed short), “Five Course Meal” (2018 – short screenplay), “Anathema” (2018), “Bigfoot and the Burtons” (2015), “Bully Fighters” (2014 – short), “Unknown Caller” (2014 – screenplay).

As a producer, Makins has worked on “Interstate 15” (short co-producer), “Last Ten” (2017), “Anathema” (2018), “Big Foot and the Burtons” (2015 – executive producer/producer), “Bully Fighters” (2014 – short producer).

Makins’ Director activity includes “Bigfoot and the Burtons” (2015) and “Bully Fighters” (2014 short)

This is a great opportunity to meet someone who knows how to take an idea into a book and create a completed film. Join us at this event and get to know the wonderment of Jupiter L. Makins in person.

Book Reading and Signing Time Location

Sunday, November 3 from 2:00p-4:00p at Parlour, 270 Adelaide Street West, Toronto, ON

If you can’t make the event please purchase Jupiter’s book for only $9.99 plus tax. It makes a great gift for 8-12 year olds. Make that little person feel special when they receive a personally signed copy of the book!

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Lenovo Glitch In Black Friday Deals

Yesterday, Lenovo customers were left in frustration when they attempted to purchase from Lenovo’s deep discounted Black Friday Deals. Lenovo launched their Black Friday deals campaign and within hours many of their units were already more than 50% sold out, but some of Lenovo’s best customers sat frustrated in front of their computers as they tried to place their order while they watched inventory shrinking.

After spending over 30 minutes on the Lenovo website with credit card in hand, one MetroActive member couldn’t get the system to approve his order. He called Lenovo to place his order, but the system kept passing him to a customer satisfaction survey before placing his order. Finally, he reached a live person, but mid discussion was again transferred to customer satisfaction survey.

Calling back again and an hour into his attempt to purchase a Lenovo computer, he finally spoke to ‘Jessie’ who then returned him to ‘Cory’, the original Lenovo representative who had started on his request. The MetroActive member who wishes to remain anonymous explains, “At this point, I had wasted over an hour of my productive day time and was totally stressed out. I told the rep [Lenovo customer service representative] that I was recording the phone calls and our conversation and would be writing about it on the internet.”

Turns out, according to Lenovo representative, that Lenovo advertises its Black Friday deals through several means, one of which is by email to its Lenovo registered clients and potential clients. From the email, individuals can click onto the Lenovo website to choose and purchase their deal. However, if you have a registered account, the Lenovo transaction system will not accept your order. It will simply tell you to enter the correct postal code.

To take advantage of emailed deals, registered Lenovo users must first log into their account. Why Lenovo doesn’t mention this in their e-mail is unknown. What is known is that there are a lot of Lenovo’s most desirable customers that are wasting a lot of their time because Lenovo does not address this simple fix.

According to Baldo Minaudo, Senior Consultant with VentureMind, a Toronto-based consulting firm, “Lenovo has good products and they spend a lot of money on promotions. It is surprising that in their Black Friday campaign where they’re offering as much as 80% discounts, they’re also turning off busy clients who may get so frustrated they’ll order their computers or electronics from another source. This is not good for their brand equity or customer relationship equity”.

Minaudo adds, “Lenovo makes good products and some of our consultants at Venturemind use Lenovo laptops.

Take a look at these Lenovo deals while they last!

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Cannabis Halloween Candy Warning for Parents

Parents have more to worry about this Halloween evening. Since the Liberal government legalized Cannabis in Canada, usage of the drug has been increasing and so has impaired driving, crimes and other disturbing behaviour. Among the consequences, have been incidences of children ‘accidentally’ ingesting cannabis-laden products.

Children and Risk of Cannabis Poisoning

Most users of Marijuana are use the drug responsibly. But, what if this Halloween someone with legal, or illegal access to cannabis intentionally (or even unintentionally) hands out cannabis contaminated candy? The effect on the child could potentially be fatal.

According to CTVNews in an article published June 27, 2019,

  • Between September and December 2018, 16 cases were reported to the Canadian Paediatric Surveillance Program (CPSP), forming the start of a two-year study.
  • In a news release, Dr. Christina Grant, a pediatrician in Hamilton said, “The number of cases involving young children is striking,”
  • A little girl in Manitoba started having seizures after consuming some of the chocolate in February. She was rushed to hospital, where she was put on a breathing machine and spent three days before she recovered.

Effects of Cannabis Ingestion

The immediate effects of Cannabis poisoning on children can be observed in their behaviour. However, according to a children’s hospital, the long-term effects of Acute Cannabis Ingestion are not well-known.

How to Avoid Contaminated Halloween Candy

The best way to avoid contaminated or poisoned candy is to only visit family, friends and people you know well. If you know them to be consumers of cannabis or if you smell marijuana around their home then avoid them on Halloween. For packaged candy, inspect it carefully before giving it to your child.

If the candy is manufactured over seas you might want to research the ingredients and manufacturing facility as some countries don’t have the same level of consumer health and safety as is found in Canada.

Six Tips to Inspect Halloween Candy

  1. Check the wrap or packaging to make sure it is air tight. gently squeeze the package if the wrap collapses then the wrap could have been breached.
  2. For boxed candy, check the seal of the folds and make sure there are no holes or cuts anywhere in which a needle could have been inserted or some chemical injected.
  3. Check the wrap for discolour, liquid or other stains.
  4. Avoid wraps that are not sealed, such as those twisted around lolly pops and toffee candy. These are easy to unwrap and wrap without looking like they’ve been tampered with.
  5. Check the candy for consistency in the surface, in terms of texture, colour, and for any breaks in the surface.
  6. Smell the candy to make sure it is consistent with the candy’s ingredients.

Biggest Halloween Dangers

This post is focused on contaminated and poisoned candy, however, their are more common dangers during Halloween. The greatest danger is that from car accidents. Car accidents spike during Halloween. So, follow sensible rules in terms of behaviour and costumes during Halloween Eve.

Parents are concerned about the possibility of cannabis containing candy, but is only a possibility. Keep your perspective and be prepared in the rare possibility that your child may inject cannabis or cannabis byproduct. Know the symptoms and be prepared to take your child to the hospital in case something happens. A good number to keep handy is the Ontario Poison Centre 1-800-268-9017.

Have a HOWLING GOOD TIME with your children!

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5 Things You Can Do To Drastically Increase Your Home Security

This articles was originally published on where you’ll find other home-related and real estate related articles.

Those that have experienced home invasions, break-ins or robberies know all too well the tremendous emotional and financial impact it can have on your life. Though you can get insurance for the value of your belongings, you can’t replace their sentimental value. Even more significant is the impact it can have on your sense of personal security and privacy. The thought of a criminal going through your personal belongings, knowing they were going trough your bedroom, diaries, and who knows what else can leave you feeling extremely vulnerable.

In most cases, a homeowner can prevent burglary with some common sense measures. Some of these measures are so simple, yet surprisingly, most people don’t bother. Hence, the increasing degree of home burglaries.

5 Things You Can Do To Increase Your Home Security

1. Visibility – Keeping your doors and windows visible to neighbours

It has always been known that most criminals do not want to be seen breaking and entering into a home. However, in recent years, burglars have become more brazen with daytime break-ins. Often they’ll call a home or knock on the door and if there is no answer, they’ll assume no one is home. That’s when they’ll break-in. Even then, they don’t want to be seen by nosy neighbours.

Homes that have enclosed veranda’s, tall hedges and other ornaments that block view of the doors and windows from neighbours are preferred targets for burglars.  So, trim down or better yet remove shrubbery, trees and other items blocking your windows and doors.

2.  Lighting – Keep it lit brightly

Bright LED lights around the outside of your home are a strong deterrent for burglars. Even better are LED lights with motion sensors, because then it catches your attention and the attention of neighbours when a light comes on unexpectedly. Use several lights in a tiered field approach. For example, near the home the LEDs stay on and then at certain access points or perimeters of the property used LED lights with motion sensors. That way the burglars know everything is well lit and in case they still try to approach they’re surprised by the unexpected extra LEDs turning on.

3. Reinforced Doors Specifically Designed for Home Security

Sometimes burglars will stake out your home for days, recording your patterns and those of neighbours before breaking in. In that situation, the lights and visibility will not work. Then you have to go to the second stage of defense with hardware. Heavy duty metal doors or Doors reinforced with metal are much more difficult to break into than most popular doors. By the time a burglar breaks through one of these doors, the whole neighbourhood would have heard the commotion. They’re more expensive but when you’re facing the possibility of an armed intruder or burglar, you’ll wish you had installed them. Just remember that you also have to get the reinforced door frame, otherwise the door won’t hold.

4. Heavy Duty Locks Bolts Specifically Designed for Home Security

The quickest and easiest way to increase your security is by upgrading your entry door locks and bolts. In the past lock companies focused on avoiding being picked open, now with burglars simply kicking doors open, they seem to be focused more on the mechanical engineering. Look for things liked thicker and longer bolts that lock into the frame, larger and longer screws that secure the both receptacle into the frame, expanded metal plates for the frame and wrap-around and extended metal braces for the door itself.

Then there are the traditional deadbolts which are well-used in cities like New York and which seemed to have been more used in Toronto’s days past. However, they are effective, especially when used with reinforced frames and doors. These will make it harder to kick in the door without having to replace the whole door.

5. Home Security Cameras

Over the last few years the design of security cameras has significantly improved with increased sharpness, night vision and even internet access. You can get them in wired or wireless format. The price has dropped significantly over the last 3 years and you can now get a complete 4 camera with internet connectivity for as little as $300 Canadian. Some of these cameras allow you to identify zones on your property which if movement is detected it’ll set off the alarm, email, text you or all three. You can then check out the cameras’ live feed through your mobile app or even search past video footage.

These security cameras may not stop every break-in, but it will deter some of them and even help police in catching the burglars and perhaps recovering your property. It also helps with your insurance claim and may even help lower your insurance premiums.

The sooner you start implementing these measures, the sooner you’ll have greater home security and piece of mind. Stay safe in your home sweet home and sleep well at night.

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Adventure & Travel Seekers Drive Launch of MetroActive Classifieds

MetroActive is listening and stepping up to the plate to launch a mostly free online classifieds platform for Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Business Owners and Executives. As a result of repeated requests, MetroActive is working on ways to assist individuals with planning their adventure and travel experiences.

According to Baldo Minaudo, MetroActive President, “We are listening to our followers and partners. Business professionals from millenials to established corporate executives are looking to experience adventure and travel in an exciting and safe way. There is nothing presently out there that delivers on this, so we’re looking at a number of initiatives that will result in a comprehensive solution.”

MetroActive has a successful track record of organizing business, social and recreational events, excursions and adventures for professionals out of the Greater Toronto Area. Their first adventure was in 1997 when a group of corporate employees, mostly from the top 5 Canadian banks drove in a caravan of vehicles from Toronto to Niagara-On-The-Lake. The day was full of productive networking, jet boat thrills on the Niagara, wine tastings at local wineries and gourmet picnic lunches under the open sky.

According to Minaudo, “MetroActive members are known to be among the most traveled individuals in the world with a thirst for experiencing different cultures and environments. The intention is to provide information on travel adventures, destinations and packages fit for North American active business professionals with a taste for adventure and the disposable income to pay for them. “

Several initiatives will be pursued to determine which will contribute to the final comprehensive solution. To begin with, in order to gather preferences and other user-centric perspective, MetroActive is establishing a Travel Tour Packages listing service as part of the the beta-phase of its online classifieds. Members of MetroActive’s facebook “Adventure and Travel Mates” group are invited to post their packages and services for a discounted fee during the beta-phase.

Meanwhile, members and visitors to the MetroActive website will be allowed to post for free (for now) in the classifieds (with the exception of the Travel and Tour packages category), which cover anything that can be bought, sold, traded, rented or given away. Of note, the ‘Services’ category is expected to be used by members and guests to promote their services.

MetroActive is also considering potential partnerships and sponsors.

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Election Signs Violate Toronto Bylaws

On the 4th day after the Canadian federal election a debris of signs can be found across Toronto in direct violation of the City of Toronto Bylaws as displaced on the City of Toronto’s website.

City of Toronto Election Sign Removal Bylaw from City of Toronto Website

Driving through the city, it seems that Liberal candidates have not yet removed their signs. As just one example, this picture was taken this morning at about 11am at a heavy traffic area near the Scarborough Town Centre.

Political signs litter neighbourhoods across Toronto on the 4th day after the federal election and in violation of city sign bylaws.

It is especially noteworthy that such a heavy traffic area in a prime strategic corner where all demographics of people pass on their way to grocery shopping, theatres, Scarborough Town Centre, municipal and federal government offices and even access to Highway 401 would be forgotten by the Liberal candidate who’s 6 signs were crowding the southwest corner of the intersection. Is the city (or individual bylaw officers) supporting this and other political candidates by turning a blind eye? Regardless, voters have had enough with the election and just want to see these signs gone!

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