Applying The 7 Day Diet to Transform Your Life

Applying The 7 Day Mental Diet to Transform Your Life

We have all heard of diets and probably have been on at
least one at some point. We have also heard, “You are what you eat.”  We are aware that what we put into our bodies
affects us physically.  But have you
considered what goes into your mind?

Emmet Fox wrote about The Seven Day Mental Diet back in
1935.  You have also heard, “What you
think about comes about.” So why not a 7-day mental diet? Thoughts are the food
for our mind. Our thoughts create our reality.

Everything in our lives is entirely conditioned by our
thoughts and feelings that we have entertained in the past and by the habitual
tone of our past thinking. Thought is a real causative force in our lives. The Law of Cause and Effect
comes into play here. Thoughts are the cause and our environments are the
effect. If we change our thoughts, then our conditions will change too. We are
transformed by the renewing of our minds.

Now the challenge here is that we are so close to our
thoughts that it is difficult to apply the transformation. We must stand back
and look at our thoughts objectively. This is going to take conscious control
on our part and lots of practice. This is where the 7-day mental diet comes in.

This also about creating a new habit. Adopting new habits is
easier with discipline. You can agree to set up a new habit and with
discipline, it is now non-negotiable. Also, an interesting new tidbit is that
the latest studies indicate that it
takes an average of 66 to 90 days to create a new habit and that is only with a
support system in place.

You may be getting the drift that the 7-day mental diet is
going to take longer than 7 days. Here is the drill. For seven days you must
not allow yourself to dwell for a single moment on any kind of negative
thought. This discipline is so strenuous as it will ask you to be totally
conscious of every thought. You can start any day of the week but once you
start you must go through for seven days without any negative thoughts.

Since we live a very negative environment (just listen to
the news), this diet is going to be a challenge. You are going to be facing
negativity every day especially if you listen or watch any media. Your job will
be not to entertain any of it in your mind. You might want to consider a break
from media for a week to make it a little easier. You may be faced with
negativity at work or at home as well. Once again you may hear those ideas but
don’t entertain them in your mind. You may also choose to avoid any negative
people for this 7- day mental diet.

Then there is the ongoing dialogue that is running through
your mind at any given moment. So, a negative thought is any thought of
failure, disappointment, or trouble, sickness or accident, any thought of
criticism, or jealousy, or condemnation of others. This also includes self
condemnation or any self-effacing thoughts. Basically, any thought that is any
kind of limitation or pessimistic thinking is not allowed.

Once you entertain a negative thought for more than 7
seconds, you must start the 7-day mental diet all over again. The first goal is
to get through one whole day without any negative thoughts. This may take
several days or even weeks to finally get through the whole day. It is going to
take conscious effort and discipline in order to do this. But the payoff at the
end of this exercise is that you will experience extraordinary changes for the
better and your future will be very encouraging. 

If you want accountability or have any questions, please reach out.

Lead your day.

Charlene Day

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