An inside look at corporate sustainability and productivity from a new perspective.

Corporations which originally were created to assist with communal goals are often shackled by mechanisms of self-preservation operating contrary to those goals.  Change in awareness and attitude has resulted in a shift of consciousness around the world with new demands being placed on the corporate world.  For some corporations this shift will mean a slow death, for others the beginning of a new era of sustainability and increased productivity.

There is a growing group of those that believe in sustainability and find themselves in the reality of the modern workplace.  Their experience with customers, co-workers and management provide significant and useful insights. This parallels a shift in business consciousness taking place around the world.

Within this shift is found great opportunity for both corporate management and individuals.  Management through the use of more aware and engaged employees will be able to achieve levels of sustainability and profitability not otherwise attainable.  Individuals that understand this shift will be able to leverage opportunities for their career, business and relationships.